Discover our tea concepts

Discover our tea concepts

With Bradley's tea you are assured of an innovative tea brand that reflects quality and diversity. The tasteful tea blends are composed of purely natural ingredients and are all Fairtrade certified. The product lines are developed to cater the needs of different types of locations and appeal to a broad audience. Besides the classic ‘must-have’ tea blends, the range includes various surprising flavours as well. With a choice of four different product lines, you will certainly find a match with the needs of your outlet.

Bradley’s Piraminis

Bradley’s Piraminis

Bradley's Piraminis is a premium tea concept that conveys quality and experience.

  • Range of 14 rich tea blends, Fairtrade certified
  • Exclusive tea blends with broken tea leaves and small pieces of fruit or spices creating refined flavours
  • Impactful presentation and enhanced consumer experience thanks to the individual serving with colourful mini-boxes
  • Packed in pyramid bags, allowing the tea leaves to expand and move around more freely to perfectly infuse the flavours 
Bradley’s Favourites

Bradley’s Favourites

Balanced selection of all-time favourites and accessible on-trend flavours.

  • Range of 15 tea blends, Fairtrade certified
  • Delicious tea blends with rich flavours
  • Heat-seal envelopes guaranteeing freshness and preservation of flavours   
  • Very suitable for offering a great diversity of flavours thanks to compact boxes filled with 10 tea bags
  • Also available in a practical display pack of 9 different flavours 
  • Paper tea bags with a knotted string (no use of staples) 
Bradley’s Organic

Bradley’s Organic

A conscious choice for organic and distinctive on-trend tea blends.

  • Range of 15 tea blends, Organic and Fairtrade certified
  • Premium tea blends with a bold and rich taste profile
  • Exciting flavours that reflect today’s trends
  • Heat-seal envelopes guaranteeing freshness and preservation of flavours
  • Completely recyclable packaging: without cellophane wrapping and without staples
  • Packed in a dispenser box containing 25 envelopes

Bradley’s Originals

The right choice for you, if convenience and efficiency are leading aspects. The timeless favourite 'English Blend' in a volume packaging. Available in two different packs:

- Display box containing 100 tea bags packed in heat seal envelopes
- Display box containing 100 tea bags without envelopes

Bradleys Originals

Tea accessories to create your tea presentation

Especially in the catering industry there is a need to give the tea presentation more brand experience.
Bradley’s tea accessories respond to this. 

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